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Another day, another picture, right?

Today was marginally better than yesterday. XD I overslept again (was up until 2 AM with burning painful heartburn), but this time I woke up at 8:27 instead of 9, so I was only a couple minutes late for work (I would’ve been on time but I was NOT going to go a second day without a shower). I took a short lunch to compensate, again, and tonight I am going to put my alarm across the freaking room so I can’t push snooze without getting up. XP

Work was okay, nothing to write home about, nothing amazing, nothing horrible, just work. Forgot my cell phone AND my knitting so I couldn’t text or anything during my lunch hour, but then again I was so tired I managed to amuse myself with my badge (generic, I don’t get my real one for another few weeks yet) and something heavy. >.> Then back to work for the afternoon, which was uneventful.

When I got home I threw a load in the washer (no clean pants and no clean socks) and then started up some rice for rice n’ bean burritos (not repeating the horrific heartburn if I can help it). Just finished eating, waiting now for my clothes to dry and I will probably go to sleep early tonight, because I am EXHAUSTED. XD Oh, gonna do some dishes too. It’s amazing how much more productive I am when I’m feeling happy than when I’m feeling miserable!

Mmmmyep. ;D


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