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Well, damn it.

I am fairly frazzled.

And very tired.

Oh man, I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday. The boyfriend and I mutually agreed not to see each other this weekend, mostly because we’re both EXHAUSTED (we, uh, don’t tend to get a lot of sleep together, which is ONLY PARTLY for the reasons you’re imagining). We do want to see each other, of course, but I really need a weekend to recharge my introvert batteries, I think, and get some chores done and such. I will miss him and we will likely chat online a sickening amount, but it is good to not spend every available hour with someone, right? ;D

Anyway, I’ve felt pretty overwhelmed this week. I like my job okay, but since they hired me on full time I feel like they keep handing me projects to do without bothering to train me how to do them. Covering the phones is fine when you know what you’re doing, but when you don’t it’s very stressful (especially for someone like me with massive social anxiety issues). I also get less and less time to do the job they originally hired me to do, which I expected, but it just means it keeps piling up more and more… There isn’t enough storage space for the ridiculous amounts of paper I’ve been attempting to wrangle. And being exhausted all week just makes my stress levels even higher. XD I know this is just a period of adjustment and it’ll get better eventually. They basically did hire me right after switching to a new system so there’s stillĀ  a lot of kinks they’re working out with that, so yeah. And even at my most stressed out, it’s still WAY BETTER THAN WORKING RETAIL. ;D

Now I have to go put my laundry in the dryer and figure out what’s for dinner. My stomach is being unhappy at me for some reason. :<


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