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Day o’ the Sun

Back from my whirlwind tour of Peebles. XD

I drove out to rural Ohio this weekend to hang with two friends I haven’t seen pretty much since I started dating Boyfriend, and it was really nice. I always feel comfortable at their houses, sort of like if I was spending the weekend at home except with people instead of alone. We didn’t do a whole lot of note, there were movies and video games and a lot of knitting on my part, but otherwise it was very much the kind of thing that is fun to do but boring to read about. XD Of course, Boyfriend and I had a long talk on Saturday night which was just lovely and made me all giddy and doe-eyed (much to the chagrin of my poor friend, although she takes it in good stride). And now I am tired and must prepare for another long work week, but with the promise of a very fun weekend at the end of it (and my first full two week paycheck!) so that should keep me going just fine.

On the whole, even though I do still have some ups and downs (simply because that’s who I am, and while anti-depressants make things more balanced my emotions still run on a roller-coaster, just a much smaller one), I really enjoy my life how it is now. I am in a good place, with good people on my side. And there’s not much more I can ask for than that. ❤


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