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Day o’ the Moon

I am exhausted today.

I hope tomorrow is a bit better.

Nothing specific exhausted me, it was just overall Monday bleghs. I have a couple links I want to share from LJ.

On The Ease of Decision-Making – As usual, Ferrett hits it out of the park. This is a great post about how a decision that can be gut-wrenching and heart-breaking to you can be seen by someone else as a simple one that must’ve not taken much effort on your part.

I Do Too – A great entry by someone I’ve just begun reading lately, a bit of a polyamory guru. It’s about how people assume that anyone in a poly set of relationships isn’t interested in building life-long connections, which is just bullshit.

Love Doesn’t Halve, It Doubles – Another great post by the same “poly guru” as above, where she talks about how people don’t have a finite amount of love to give, and every gift of love is unique to the person to whom it’s given.


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