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Well, poop.

It was a really busy weekend, and I am still exhausted.

Green lace yarn for a spring shawl, a lotion stick, yummy treats, and a nice long needle to knit the shawl on.

And this is the third!!

Long story short, I was staying at a friend’s house with my boyfriend this weekend, and it was a bit on the chaotic side, so my introvert batteries are a bit drained. Also, I couldn’t get my computer to pick up their wireless, hence why I didn’t post at all since Thursday (I drove up Friday night and came back here yesterday, but forgot yesterday night because I was so tired).

I got some awesome mail today, though, an order from Tightly Wound I placed last Friday morning (hence why it’s here so fast), and a swap package from my swapner on Ravelry! She gave me SO MUCH STUFF, you guys. I’ve eaten most of the pistachios and I’m fixing to dig into one of the chocolate bars before I go to bed. X3 Oh, and I got some stitch markers (teeny tiny ones, for sock needles) that I won in a contest (it was to name the stitch markers, I am good with names). ❤ So yeah. A good mail day.

And now, SLEEP.


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