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Dollars and Sense

I still put my fingers in my mouth when I'm anxious, even if I don't bite my nails anymore.

Today has been a roller coaster day.

I managed to overdraw my bank account today, for the third time in as many months. I am really not as horrifically bad with money as I seem to be, I am just absent-minded and don’t always remember every expenditure I make. But I’ve sworn that for the next three paychecks I will not spend a single dollar on anything except food, gas, and bills (rent, electric and internet). I will probably get an oil change at some point because my car is overdue, but I think that should be under the “gas” category, since it is car maintenance that’s important. Otherwise, I will not spend money on anything.

Thankfully, even though Dragon Age 2 came out today, I have enough trade in credit that I can get it for almost nothing ($5-10, depending on the value of the games I’m trading). So I am going to go do that tomorrow, since I got a refund from AAA today (long story, but at least it has a happy ending). That is the absolute last thing I am allowing myself to buy, and only because I am so obsessed with Dragon Age in general that I pre-ordered it back in January and I’m kind of obligated to get it or they charge me $5 to re-stock it. >.>

And I’m working on Saturday, so I get Thursday off, so when I go tomorrow evening to pick up DA2, I will have ALL THURSDAY (minus doing laundry and dishes) to play it! X3 Expect much fangirling, unless it is horrible, which I highly doubt.


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