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Satyr’s Day

Crazy awesome!

Today has been a workable hair day.

Today I’ve managed to get a LOT done! I went out and ran errands around noon (including filling my car up with gas and picking up my prescriptions and buying sorely needed groceries). I spent much of the rest of the afternoon tidying and/or cleaning my place. Tomorrow I’m hosting a doll meet here, so it needs to be at least semi-tidy. ;D Somehow I managed to get my hair to stay up in a DPN bun (double pointed needle, basically I used knitting needles to keep my hair in place), which I don’t always get to work, but it did today. I discussed finances and health insurance options with my mom, I made a budget spreadsheet so I can keep track of my expenditures (should’ve done it a while ago) and basically I’ve been all around productive. And it was SUCH a lovely day today, it just made me happy, despite my uterus attempting to make me miserable.

I also finished Dragon Age 2. Suffice it to say it didn’t end well, but then again, it’s a Bioware game. XD They NEVER end well! And my overall feeling is that while DA2 is enjoyable to play, it isn’t the game Dragon Age: Origins is. Which, y’know, is like saying I’m not as good an opera singer as Renee Fleming. Yeah, that’s true, but I’m still pretty damn good (age and experience considered). ;D So yeah. If you feel inclined, pick up DA2, it’s definitely worth the money and time. If nothing else, the companions are just as awesome as DA:O companions, in different ways. X3 I think the entire game is worth it just for Fenris’ hotness and Merrill’s absolutely adorable naiveté. ;D


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