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Clean Pantry: Phase 1

Lookit mah tongue.

So I’ve been putting this off for a really long time, but since I’ve gotten down to my absolute last few food items over the past few months, and realized more than a few things I owned were actually expired, I did a bit of pantry cleaning today. Most of it was stuff that actually moved to this apartment with me (meaning I’ve had it for at least a year and five months, and probably for at least six months before that), and in my defense a lot of it was canned, but even canned stuff goes bad. So yeah. My pantry is a bit barer, but on the plus side, I have more room? XD

I think I may tackle the fridge and freezer next. >.> I am generally quite good about not letting stuff grow, but every so often I let it get away from me. There aren’t a ton of things in there, but enough to make it an afternoon project. Maybe this Sunday.

I think this summer, I’m going to experiment with vegetables. Not like, sticking electrodes in them, I mean with cooking. XD We’ll see how that goes. I can’t really go the “make meals and freeze them” route because my freezer randomly decides to thaw itself and then re-freeze. Anything left in there for a long enough period starts growing serious ice crystals (thankfully ice cream doesn’t generally last that long).


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