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So far, so good.

I am being productive today. See? I am all adult-like.

I am pretty happy and content today. This past work week was very long and stressful, so I’m glad it’s over with now. And I have Monday off, so hooray!

So far today I have:

Gotten an oil change and my tires checked (everything is good and normal, apparently).
Bought groceries (just a few necessities, nothing big).
Filled my tank up with gas.
Got cash and quarters.

I still need to do some cleaning in my apartment and also clean out my car. My car has been needing it for a LONG time (I think it’s been at least ten months since the last time I cleaned it out) and my apartment isn’t horrible, but definitely needs some cleaning (mostly tidying, doing dishes, and taking trash out).

Tomorrow I am driving up north to the Great Lakes Fiber Festival up in NE Ohio! 😀 There shall be yarn! And sheep! And unspun wool! And knitters! And it will be glorious. n.n I am very excited. I’m meeting some Ravelers there too, so that will be fun! It’s just for the day, once I’m exhausted and have bought all the yarn I can afford I shall drive back home (unless by some miracle I can make plans with some awesome folks in Cleveland, but I am not getting my hopes up because they have such busy schedules and I haven’t seen them in a few years).

Monday I think I am going to bake oatmeal butterscotch cookies, and do laundry. That’s the entirety of my plans. 😀 And there shall also be knitting! Because knitting, what is life without knitting.

I think I shall have a couple slices of pizza before I get started on the rest of the stuff I need to do today.


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Breaking Up

I woke up an hour ago but I have almost no clean clothing so I'm not showering until my laundry is done.

This past week has been very long and stressful.

Yesterday I broke up with the boyfriend. It was initiated by me, for various reasons but the main one was I didn’t feel for him the way I should have, and it wasn’t fair to him to continue on like that.

I watched Tangled twice yesterday and might watch it again today, I desperately need the gooey happy Disney right now (and hey, the songs are pretty awesome too).

Yep. Just waiting for my laundry so I can take a shower. An exciting day, this. *Sigh*

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SOCKS!! (with kitty cameo)




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Lookit mah snitch!

So I’m part of this thing called the Harry Potter House Cup on Ravelry, where you pretend to be a Hogwarts student and turn in knitting projects for classes and such. And they also have Quidditch, where everyone can knit a small project to score Quaffle points, and this is the one for the first match. So in essence, I knit a snitch and I get us some points, hooray!

… Yeah I’m a nerd. If anyone doubted that, where the heck have you been? XD

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I swear my hair doesn't do the 70s poofy thing during the day, just at night.

Almost forgot, but I didn’t. Was too busy knitting all night to post earlier. Time for bed now, though!

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I'm tired, it was a long day.

So today I was moved to a different desk at work. It definitely disrupted things a bit, but I prefer my new place because it’s not in the middle of everything where everyone can see what I’m doing all the time. I really didn’t like my old desk. This one has slightly less room, but it also feels cozier to me. So that is good.

I tried out for Cincinnati Opera Idol last Saturday, and today they posted the semi-finalists, and I was not on the list. On the one hand, that kinda sucks, but on the other, it’s a minor thing. I still have an awesome voice, a lot of talent and performing ability. That doesn’t magically go away just because I don’t win a competition.

It’s so nice to be in a place where I don’t act like the world is ending when an audition doesn’t go my way. It’s nice to feel like I’ve matured enough that I can feel disappointed for a bit and then shrug my shoulders and go “eh, there will be other chances” because there will, and I know it. ❤

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This is a thing! Which I am knitting!

What it is, though, is a secret. X3

You can guess at the color, but I can’t show what it is because it’s a secret swap I’m doing and I don’t want to ruin the surprise. ;D


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Seryus face.

Hot Pocket nomz.

I was so busy knitting yesterday that I didn’t get any housework done, so tonight I am in the middle of two loads of laundry and I’ve washed half a sinkful of dishes. Hence Hot Pocket dinner, as I really can’t muster the energy for laundry, dishes AND cooking in one night. ;D

I am working on three knitting projects primarily at the moment. One is a really cool scarf called Chadwick (that’s the pattern name) that I am knitting in orange and blue. One is a shawl for a secret shawl swap I’m participating in. The last is a pair of socks for my best friend. The shawl was started ages ago and has been coming along nicely, it shouldn’t take me much longer to finish. X3 The scarf and socks will take a bit longer, I’m going to have to do a LOT of knitting in the next few weeks (I have to finish one of them before the end of the month, preferably both). >.> Which I intend to do.

I am almost finished with the pair of socks I started for myself back in October. XD Only about an inch and a half left of ribbing on the second sock and it will be entirely finished! JUST IN TIME FOR HOT WEATHER. XD Oh well. Maybe if I start another pair next month, I’ll get them done by next December.

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Mother’s Day

My morning hair is pretty epic.

I am eating frozen grapes for breakfast.

Okay, now that the mandatory pics are out of the way, on the to real topic of this post: my mom.

I made an homage post many moons ago for my mom, but that wasn’t on Mother’s Day, and since my mom is totally awesome, she deserves to be celebrated EVERY day. This one’s gonna get pretty sappy, fair warning.

It’s absolutely true that my mom has been the biggest guiding influence in my life from the very beginning. I am incredibly lucky to have a mom who always loved and cared about me, even when I was being an insufferable brat (which was fairly often).

My mom was an amazing person before she became a mom, too. She’s always been smart, funny, and talented (she did theater in high school and was a very good student), and she’s got two degrees, soon to be three. She’s also one of the friendliest people I know, she can strike up a conversation in almost any situation, and finds something to talk about even with people she has very little in common with. She’s gracious and kind and loving, fierce and intelligent and un-apologetic. She isn’t rich, but she’d give the shirt off her back to someone who really needed it.

My mom is the best for snuggling, too. And I’m not ashamed that I still like to snuggle with her as an adult. She raised me and my brothers with a LOT of physical affection, we were never, ever starved for hugs or kisses. She always had a hug for us, even when she was busy, and she never minded us invading her bedroom for a snuggle pile before bed.

I’ve never understood the common societal trope of “oh no, I’m becoming my mother!” because if I become my mother as I age, that’s a fucking awesome person to be. I am so lucky to have the mom I have, and I know it, and I try to tell her regularly how awesome she is and how much I love her, but sometimes I forget.

So Mama, you are totally awesome. You’re one of the best people I know, in every way, and I am proud to call myself your daughter. I love you, mom.

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I look a LOT like my middle brother in this one.

Oh yeah, I'm really pretty.

Well, today I auditioned for Cincinnati Opera Idol, and I didn’t squeak or faint, and I sang pretty well (not perfectly, of course, but overall I was pleased). I was nervous as heck, but then I always am before an audition or performance. XD And it was a good experience. They’re supposed to post the semi-finalists by Wednesday, so I’ll be stalking the website for the next few days to see. X3

After that, I went to a little doll meet, which was very fun! Just sitting around knitting and talking dolls and life and whatnot with two of the local doll people. Very low key and low stress, which I definitely needed after the audition. When we finally broke it up (it was at another lady’s house) I came home, did a couple small things, and then settled in for an evening of Batman: The Animated Series and knitting. Got a couple more rows done on my shawl (it’s for a shawl swap) and started my Chadwick scarf (really cool pattern). Tomorrow I am gonna continue that and also start a pair of socks for a certain someone. >.> And do laundry, of course. So yes, a full day shall be had. But for now, sleep.

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