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This is what happens when you sleep on hair full of products.

Side view for maximum hilarity!

Gonna jump in the shower to wash it in a minute, but I have something else to talk about first.

So I don’t know if I mentioned it on here or not, but someone I know online has been fostering a cat who turned out to be preggers, and had a litter of five kittens. And since I don’t have enough to do, for some reason I volunteered to take one of these kittens, IF another local home couldn’t be found (she lives in IN, roughly 3 hours from me). Well, it looks like I shall be owner of a kitten soon, so this week I decided to take definitive steps in that direction.

Step 1: Many of the people on the cat group on Ravelry had recommended this book called Cat vs. Cat, which is by a feline behaviorist, about how to introduce a new cat to your household. I bought that for my Kindle and I’ve been reading it.

Step 2: I bought a cat perch for my existing cat, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while but hadn’t had the money for. It’s a cheapie and I’m going to start saving up for a bigger, nicer one (this one was $65 on sale and is about two and a half feet tall). I also bought a couple new toys for him, and draped the perch with my dirty clothes so it absorbs my scent.

Step 3: Last night I shut my bedroom door, something that Sen did NOT approve of. He didn’t meow, but he did stick his paw under and shake it in hopes that either it would open or I would get up and open it, I guess. XD But if I do get the kitten, my bedroom is going to be its “sanctuary room” so Sen needs to get used to not having access.

Sen is a bit unsure of these changes right now, but hopefully he will get used to them. He has been enjoying the heck out of the squeaky mouse. XD


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