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I look a LOT like my middle brother in this one.

Oh yeah, I'm really pretty.

Well, today I auditioned for Cincinnati Opera Idol, and I didn’t squeak or faint, and I sang pretty well (not perfectly, of course, but overall I was pleased). I was nervous as heck, but then I always am before an audition or performance. XD And it was a good experience. They’re supposed to post the semi-finalists by Wednesday, so I’ll be stalking the website for the next few days to see. X3

After that, I went to a little doll meet, which was very fun! Just sitting around knitting and talking dolls and life and whatnot with two of the local doll people. Very low key and low stress, which I definitely needed after the audition. When we finally broke it up (it was at another lady’s house) I came home, did a couple small things, and then settled in for an evening of Batman: The Animated Series and knitting. Got a couple more rows done on my shawl (it’s for a shawl swap) and started my Chadwick scarf (really cool pattern). Tomorrow I am gonna continue that and also start a pair of socks for a certain someone. >.> And do laundry, of course. So yes, a full day shall be had. But for now, sleep.


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