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Mother’s Day

My morning hair is pretty epic.

I am eating frozen grapes for breakfast.

Okay, now that the mandatory pics are out of the way, on the to real topic of this post: my mom.

I made an homage post many moons ago for my mom, but that wasn’t on Mother’s Day, and since my mom is totally awesome, she deserves to be celebrated EVERY day. This one’s gonna get pretty sappy, fair warning.

It’s absolutely true that my mom has been the biggest guiding influence in my life from the very beginning. I am incredibly lucky to have a mom who always loved and cared about me, even when I was being an insufferable brat (which was fairly often).

My mom was an amazing person before she became a mom, too. She’s always been smart, funny, and talented (she did theater in high school and was a very good student), and she’s got two degrees, soon to be three. She’s also one of the friendliest people I know, she can strike up a conversation in almost any situation, and finds something to talk about even with people she has very little in common with. She’s gracious and kind and loving, fierce and intelligent and un-apologetic. She isn’t rich, but she’d give the shirt off her back to someone who really needed it.

My mom is the best for snuggling, too. And I’m not ashamed that I still like to snuggle with her as an adult. She raised me and my brothers with a LOT of physical affection, we were never, ever starved for hugs or kisses. She always had a hug for us, even when she was busy, and she never minded us invading her bedroom for a snuggle pile before bed.

I’ve never understood the common societal trope of “oh no, I’m becoming my mother!” because if I become my mother as I age, that’s a fucking awesome person to be. I am so lucky to have the mom I have, and I know it, and I try to tell her regularly how awesome she is and how much I love her, but sometimes I forget.

So Mama, you are totally awesome. You’re one of the best people I know, in every way, and I am proud to call myself your daughter. I love you, mom.


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