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Seryus face.

Hot Pocket nomz.

I was so busy knitting yesterday that I didn’t get any housework done, so tonight I am in the middle of two loads of laundry and I’ve washed half a sinkful of dishes. Hence Hot Pocket dinner, as I really can’t muster the energy for laundry, dishes AND cooking in one night. ;D

I am working on three knitting projects primarily at the moment. One is a really cool scarf called Chadwick (that’s the pattern name) that I am knitting in orange and blue. One is a shawl for a secret shawl swap I’m participating in. The last is a pair of socks for my best friend. The shawl was started ages ago and has been coming along nicely, it shouldn’t take me much longer to finish. X3 The scarf and socks will take a bit longer, I’m going to have to do a LOT of knitting in the next few weeks (I have to finish one of them before the end of the month, preferably both). >.> Which I intend to do.

I am almost finished with the pair of socks I started for myself back in October. XD Only about an inch and a half left of ribbing on the second sock and it will be entirely finished! JUST IN TIME FOR HOT WEATHER. XD Oh well. Maybe if I start another pair next month, I’ll get them done by next December.


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