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I'm tired, it was a long day.

So today I was moved to a different desk at work. It definitely disrupted things a bit, but I prefer my new place because it’s not in the middle of everything where everyone can see what I’m doing all the time. I really didn’t like my old desk. This one has slightly less room, but it also feels cozier to me. So that is good.

I tried out for Cincinnati Opera Idol last Saturday, and today they posted the semi-finalists, and I was not on the list. On the one hand, that kinda sucks, but on the other, it’s a minor thing. I still have an awesome voice, a lot of talent and performing ability. That doesn’t magically go away just because I don’t win a competition.

It’s so nice to be in a place where I don’t act like the world is ending when an audition doesn’t go my way. It’s nice to feel like I’ve matured enough that I can feel disappointed for a bit and then shrug my shoulders and go “eh, there will be other chances” because there will, and I know it. ❤


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