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So far, so good.

I am being productive today. See? I am all adult-like.

I am pretty happy and content today. This past work week was very long and stressful, so I’m glad it’s over with now. And I have Monday off, so hooray!

So far today I have:

Gotten an oil change and my tires checked (everything is good and normal, apparently).
Bought groceries (just a few necessities, nothing big).
Filled my tank up with gas.
Got cash and quarters.

I still need to do some cleaning in my apartment and also clean out my car. My car has been needing it for a LONG time (I think it’s been at least ten months since the last time I cleaned it out) and my apartment isn’t horrible, but definitely needs some cleaning (mostly tidying, doing dishes, and taking trash out).

Tomorrow I am driving up north to the Great Lakes Fiber Festival up in NE Ohio! 😀 There shall be yarn! And sheep! And unspun wool! And knitters! And it will be glorious. n.n I am very excited. I’m meeting some Ravelers there too, so that will be fun! It’s just for the day, once I’m exhausted and have bought all the yarn I can afford I shall drive back home (unless by some miracle I can make plans with some awesome folks in Cleveland, but I am not getting my hopes up because they have such busy schedules and I haven’t seen them in a few years).

Monday I think I am going to bake oatmeal butterscotch cookies, and do laundry. That’s the entirety of my plans. 😀 And there shall also be knitting! Because knitting, what is life without knitting.

I think I shall have a couple slices of pizza before I get started on the rest of the stuff I need to do today.


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