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Holy crap! It's Friday!

I am suspicious.

Well, last night was SO much fun, don’t you agree? I have a few final thoughts on the matter, now that I’m much more calm and rational.

1. I am not sorry for what I said. I’m only sorry I said it in mixed company, where I could get such a bad backlash. The gist of it was something that should only be shared with people who really know me, understand the subtext behind what I say, and/or think similarly. I don’t talk religion or politics with people I don’t know, and I shouldn’t talk about reproduction either.

2. I do actually believe that way too many people (of all races, creeds and nationalities) are having kids. I think at this point we’ve gone WAY past the point where people should only be having two kids (one to replace each parent) and into the place where we need to institute drastic measures to control our population. I realize that people dislike this because it limits their freedoms. Well, personally, I’d rather run the risk of denying someone the joys of parenthood than allowing more Octomoms to spring forth. This is obviously just my personal opinion.

3. As I said in my footnote, I do NOT think that anyone already living should be killed or told they have no right to exist. The choice has been made, there are already a ridiculous amount of people, but as soon as your mother chose to carry you to term, you officially got your “right to exist” card in my eyes.

4. That doesn’t mean I’m going to magically start liking babies and small children. Dude, they freak me the fuck out. They’re like aliens to me. They smell weird, they look weird, they emit odors and noises that cause me a LOT of discomfort. And holy shit, WHAT IF I BREAK IT?! I don’t have much of a tolerance for weird noises and smells anyway (ask me how I do on public transportation) so babies are right the fuck out, as far as I’m concerned. I am thrilled that you are happy you have a new munchkin in the family. PLEASE do not show me pictures or worse yet, expect me to interact with it. Bring it back once it’s old enough to tell me how awesome Pokemon is, I will totally talk Pokemon and video games with it. I… still don’t really give a fuck about pictures, though. Sorry. That’s just a personal thing.

That’s really all I have to say. As far as I’m concerned, the matter is closed.

Now, let’s move on to what’s really important: CINCINNATI OPERA IDOL COMPETITION IS TOMORROW OMG OMG I’M GONNA DIE. x.x

EDIT: I just got a private message on the site where the original drama of yesterday was, telling me that since I’m such a fatass, I use up enough resources for 12 small children. XD XD XD How fucking ridiculous is that?


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I am really fucking angry right now.

Okay. This entry is fueled mostly by anger, so bear with me. There will be a LOT of swearing.

Backstory: A few weeks ago, on a forum I frequent, someone posted a comment about how they didn’t understand how anyone could possibly refer to a child as “it”. I responded by stating that I refer to children as “it” sometimes, although never around their parents, because I don’t see them as properly people. Which I realize is a very unpopular view, and it comes not from my firm believe that children don’t deserve to be treated like human beings, but rather the fact that I don’t like small children and don’t want to be anywhere near them for extended periods of time. Look, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with children in general, and I would never presume to tell anyone that their children shouldn’t exist. I DO reserve the right to not be around small children as much as possible, though! Because I DON’T LIKE CHILDREN.

Until they’re old enough to hold a semi-decent conversation, I don’t have any interest in kids. It is a simple fact of my existence. I also don’t like NASCAR, but you don’t see me telling racing fans they should burn their tracks down!

So when some random woman responds to my comment (NOT the original poster) to tell me that the fact that I don’t see children as properly people “sickens” her, and it so happens that I am exhausted from work, have a headache, am hungry and also PMSing, and the word “sickens” gives me a visceral gut reaction, my response was to inform her that I am sickened by people who continue to reproduce at a reckless rate despite overpopulation, and if I ran things everyone would be on mandatory birth control with only 10% of the population allowed to breed (chosen by LOTTERY so it’s entirely random), well, I don’t claim that as my proudest moment.

But when said woman proceeds to respond with a comment that is clearly saying “well, if you’re concerned about overpopulation, GO KILL YOURSELF” (especially since I suffer from depression AND have contemplated suicide in the past), I don’t think I’m out of line in being REALLY FUCKING UPSET BY THAT.

First off, WHAT THE FUCK?! Why does anyone EVER think it’s okay to tell ANYONE to kill themselves?! THAT IS REALLY NOT OKAY. NO MATTER WHAT. And even MORE so if they have any fucking history of depression or suicidal thoughts! REALLY FUCKING NOT OKAY.

Secondly, why the fuck does being childfree mean that I am a fucking evil person? I can totally understand not agreeing with me, because OBVIOUSLY I don’t agree with people who have tons of kids. But treating me like I’m a fucking terrorist just because I don’t like children is just RIDICULOUS.

And then, of course, this person flounces from the forum. Which, what the fuck ever. Except for the comment she made about how the forum had become “anti-child”. Are you fucking kidding me? It, like 90% of the internet and the WORLD, is not only child-friendly but CHILD-OBSESSED. People talk about sanitizing everything so it’s safe for the children (which is entirely a different post). Because me and like TWO OTHER PEOPLE made a grand total of TEN POSTS where we state we don’t love kids, OMG IT’S ANTI-CHILD WE MUST ALL PANIC.

I just, JESUS CHRIST. I didn’t tell you I wanted to kill your children, or molest them! I just said I don’t like kids! HOW IS THAT A FUCKING CRIME?!

… Yeah. I am obviously still upset about this.

Footnote: I would never, EVER tell any person I know that their kids shouldn’t exist. As soon as a mother chooses to have a child, then that child has a right to exist, PERIOD. I wish that people would stop having so many kids, but it’s not my call. That doesn’t mean I’m going to magically start loving small children. It doesn’t mean I’m going to change my mind. IT IS POSSIBLE FOR ME TO HAVE THIS OPINION AND STILL ENJOY THE COMPANY OF CERTAIN OLDER CHILDREN.

Yeah. Time for bed.

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Yep, it was another day.

Not really anything to say about today. It was a day. Time for bed. ;D

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Another day, another picture.

I’m going to bed in a moment, because my eyes are tearing up from yawning so much, but I had to post a pic first, of course! The hair’s a bit mussed because I had a voice lesson today, after work, and my voice teacher’s office is always HOT, so I got sweaty, and the sweat dissolved the hair gel in my hair. XD Which was actually good because I put too much in today (still getting used to things) and so it was a bit more stiff than I wanted it.

Yep! Good night!

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This is what happens when you sleep on hair full of products.

Side view for maximum hilarity!

Gonna jump in the shower to wash it in a minute, but I have something else to talk about first.

So I don’t know if I mentioned it on here or not, but someone I know online has been fostering a cat who turned out to be preggers, and had a litter of five kittens. And since I don’t have enough to do, for some reason I volunteered to take one of these kittens, IF another local home couldn’t be found (she lives in IN, roughly 3 hours from me). Well, it looks like I shall be owner of a kitten soon, so this week I decided to take definitive steps in that direction.

Step 1: Many of the people on the cat group on Ravelry had recommended this book called Cat vs. Cat, which is by a feline behaviorist, about how to introduce a new cat to your household. I bought that for my Kindle and I’ve been reading it.

Step 2: I bought a cat perch for my existing cat, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while but hadn’t had the money for. It’s a cheapie and I’m going to start saving up for a bigger, nicer one (this one was $65 on sale and is about two and a half feet tall). I also bought a couple new toys for him, and draped the perch with my dirty clothes so it absorbs my scent.

Step 3: Last night I shut my bedroom door, something that Sen did NOT approve of. He didn’t meow, but he did stick his paw under and shake it in hopes that either it would open or I would get up and open it, I guess. XD But if I do get the kitten, my bedroom is going to be its “sanctuary room” so Sen needs to get used to not having access.

Sen is a bit unsure of these changes right now, but hopefully he will get used to them. He has been enjoying the heck out of the squeaky mouse. XD

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