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Glassy-eyed stare.



Today is… well. I’m not having the best day today. Or the best week.

Okay, let’s start from the beginning. On Monday, while on the way home, I got rear-ended. My rear door (it’s a station wagon) won’t open and my driver’s seat is broken, stuck in reclined position and thus undriveable.

Tuesday and Wednesday I got rides from friends to and from work, finally on Thursday I got a rental car courtesy of the other person’s insurance company. So I have that until it is figured out what will happen with my car. It’s very nice too, way nicer than my car, but it makes me nervous to drive it because I don’t have much experience driving diverse cars (I learned to drive in my car and have driven it since I got my license four years ago at 21).

So now I have a rental car. Awesome. And today I took the afternoon off work to go to the doctor. The doctor says aside from the enormous bruise on my leg (where it hit the dashboard) and the slight muscle pain in my neck, I seem fine, but to wait a couple weeks to make sure nothing else surfaces.

And by sheer coincidence, my mom and brother drove up this weekend to help me move all my stuff that was in storage because of the bed bugs into my apartment. Hopefully sans bed-bugs (well there’s probably a couple in there, but they should be 100% dead because they can only live 18 months without being fed and they were in that storage unit for 20 months). So my mom looked at my car and she thinks it might be totaled (because totaled, in insurance lingo, means “costs more to fix car than car is worth”, and the car is only worth maybe $2500). Which frightens the hell out of me, because I really can’t afford a new car right now.

So right now I’m frustrated, nervous, and frightened. My apartment is full of boxes I don’t want to unpack by myself because of the possibility of finding dead bugs (or worse, live ones) and I can’t get comfortable enough with them here to even contemplate sitting and knitting or watching TV or something relaxing. Plus my family is in town so I kind of want to see them but since they spent all morning moving my shit they might not want to see me. And I know my anxiety is shooting through the ROOF but I can’t help it and AUGH I JUST WANT MY LIFE TO GO BACK TO NORMAL.


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